Friday, May 25, 2012

What do you see when you look in the mirror? That is quite a question! To be honest most of my friends would give me a cheeky answer!

A mirror can only reflect; it cannot change the image (unless of course you are looking into one of those funfair type of mirrors). The bible is described as a mirror (The Epistle of James chapter 1). When I read the bible it reflects what I am by nature, it exposes my sin and makes me feel my short comings. I thank God that it also points me to the Lord Jesus Christ and tells me that he has dealt with my sin by His death. When I see the truth in the word of God and apply it to my life (that is have a change of mind about my life and God - God calls it repentance) and depend on the Saviour (the Lord Jesus) I come into the benefit of the salvation He offers.

Key verses in the bible to explain this are John 3.16, John 5.24, Acts 16.31, Romans 10.9. Look them up in the bible and believe what God has said.

Have a good week.


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