Friday, August 09, 2013

Dream, St Helens

The Book of Hebrews in the Bible says 'whose faith follow'. This is written in relation to those God fearing men whose lifestyle and trust in God was worth following. There is no point in imitating people who live pointless and ineffective lives. It is far better to learn from and follow men and women of God.

The ultimate example to follow in life is that of Jesus Christ. He was announced as delighting God in his life (Mark 1.11). The writer of the Hebrews says he was 'holy, harmless, undefiled and separate from sinners' (Hebrews 7.26). This is why he alone qualified to die for our sins.

If you have looked at the photographs that are on this blog post you may wonder what the connection is? Simply this. As I visited the old Sutton Manor Coalfield site today I was reminded of what we can learn from those who lived so long ago. Their hard graft, sweat and tears, their comradeship, loyalty and community spirit caused me to reflect on what the bible teaches about following the example of others.

You should visit the site, it's just off the M62, near St Helen's, the old villages of Sutton Manor and Clock Face. The monument you see in the photographs is called 'Dream' but you'll learn more by visiting it yourself.

All posts have the aim of pointing people to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour or to aid Christian growth and development.

Location:Sutton Manor, St Helens


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