Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Don't waste my death!

I was reading recently in the business section of The Daily Telegraph, the comments of the Royal Bank of Scotland boss John Hourican who has left his job, he was the Investment Banking boss and as he left his job he made this statement, “Don’t waste my death” as they ordered them to recognise public anger over libel scandal that led to his resignation.

Don’t waste my death. It made me think really about the fact there are people in this world’s history and their death has been for a purpose. Most of us don’t actually realise it but our own death will have a purpose. The Bible teaches that, “the wages of sin is death”a. 

The reason behind any individual’s death is the principle of sin and wrong doing. We don’t intentionally enter into it but as a result of one man’s sin, we are all condemned. Everyone of us practices sin and that corroborates and confirms the fact we were born as sinners, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”b and our death is a direct result, there’s a correlation between our behaviour and our moral standing before God and our sin, which ends in death.

My message really isn’t to point out to you that your death is significant though it’s not the end I must say, it’s the death of your body. There is a moral death, that’s with you in life, dead in sin. That's the death that’s separating you eternally from the presence of God, who is life and light and liberty and joy and peace. That’s something you don’t want. 

But I would like you to think about these words for a second or two, because I could imagine my Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ saying, “don’t waste My death”. The Lord Jesus Christ came from Heaven to earth, He came and lived a very humble and ordinary life upon this earth. He lived His days upon the earth showing to men the love and kindness of God. He died upon a cross and took the judgement, the legal consequences of sin on our behalf so that we might be forgiven. But if we refuse to believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God, if we refuse to accept His forgiveness, if we refuse to accept the eternal life that He offers, we waste His death.

Can I say to you today? Don’t waste the death of Jesus, trust Him, confess your sin to Him, accept the eternal life He offers to you. 

a-Romans 6v23
-Romans 3v23 

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