Sunday, June 25, 2023

Lost & Found!

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A man had a hundred sheep and lost one. A woman had ten silver coins and lost one. A father had two sons and lost one. I think we have all had that horrible feeling when we discover that we’ve lost something. 
What a sense of relief when you find it at last. You always find it in the last place you look!  If it’s a door key or a bank card, that could be a big problem, but what a delight to find something, even when it is less important.
The hundred sheep, the ten silver coins, the one son, all appear in a story Jesus told one day – it’s worth reading again in Luke chapter 15. Great efforts were made to find what was lost, and great joy when it was found. Whether it was a 1% loss or a 10% loss or a 50% loss, the joy of finding was so real it had to be shared with others. 
These everyday stories are a picture of the greater joy in heaven when a lost soul is found. Jesus said that He had come to “seek and to save that which was lost”, not lost things but lost souls - lost souls like ours who have wandered away from God.
The amazing thing is that God hasn’t forgotten us or written us off. He is waiting for us to return to Him in repentance and faith, no longer lost but saved, to be forgiven and accepted as His child.
What a welcome God gives us when we return! What a deep joy is ours to realise we have been found! And a great joy fills the Father’s heart, and fills heaven too, when a sinner repents and comes home


Written by Bert Cargill for FTMP



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