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Do you know where you are going?

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Do you know where you are going?

I’m not asking you do you know where you’re going in terms of what bus you getting on or what is your travel destination? My question is - do you know where you will end up when your life on earth is over?

Your reply could be - I didn’t realise that there were any options, or, I thought that death was the end of the line (I am back to my travel analogies again).

Jesus Christ was known for talking a lot about where He had come from and where He was going when he had finished life on earth. That is a really strange way of talking for the average person. Birth was our starting point and to many, death is the final destination. 

But is it?

I am not talking about reincarnation. The Bible teaches that for all of us (except the Lord Jesus) birth was our starting point. However, the Lord Jesus claimed to have ‘come down out of heaven’ and that he had come from His Father, God. I, for one, believe His claims for a number of reasons. This post is not the place to go into detail to prove this. I created a series of videos one Christmas on this topic. If you want to watch them then click here -

The Lord Jesus also spoke often about going back to heaven where He had come from.There are a number of references in the Gospel of John where this is recorded. I’ll leave you to read John’s Gospel to see if you can spot the verses where He claims to be going back to heaven after life on earth. To read the gospel online click here

The Bible teaches that there is life after death. Our life on earth is the place that we prepare for the next life and God is concerned that we discover the truth and get to know Him.

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