Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The World is heading for Utter Chaos

My studies in the gospel of Matthew have taken me to chapter twenty four where the Lord Jesus talks to His disciples about future events on God's agenda. For me, it has reinforced the reality of what is known by Christians as the 'Rapture'. Therefore I feel a need to apologise in advance if    the following happens:

  • to my employer, colleagues and patients for either not appearing at work one day, or disappearing during the course of my duties;
  • to those hurt, and for the damage done in the event of my car swerving off the road because no-one is at the wheel;
  • for the fire caused in my house in the event of suddenly stopping watching the dinner cooking on the gas hob;
  • to the electricity and gas companies for not paying the bills I run up whilst leaving utilities       running unattended indefinitely;
  • to the people I may suddenly disappear from mid conversation in a very abrupt fashion;
  • my pets left abandoned;
  • the unlocked door of my home; Feel free to walk in and take anything     you want. We don't need it any more.

Mind you, I don't think anyone will particularly notice my failings, as the world will be in utter       chaos. 

Planes will have crashed, 
trains come off the rails, 
multiple car crashes will have taken place, 
fires will rage, 
operations will cease, 
wards will empty, 
staff will disappear, 
pupils will be abandoned, 
shops will be unmanned, 
houses empty, 
doors open, 
dogs running wild, 
people will be scared... really, really scared.

The day the Lord Jesus comes to gather up all those on earth who are indwelt by His Holy Spirit to be with Him in heaven (1 Thess, 4. 16-17), is the day that God's agenda becomes visible       again. It is the sign that He is about to intervene and has therefore sent His Son into the skies to  call up those who trust in Him so they don't go through the awful tribulation and judgment assigned to those who reject His forgiveness. 

I won't be left behind, will you?

Written by a guest blogger (please note the chaos in the article - we can write we just want to make a point!)

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Stephen Baker of Seek the Truth said...

Are you ready for the end times?

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