Thursday, November 28, 2013

My trip to the North of Scotland

I am currently in the North of Scotland for a week visiting a High School in Lossiemouth. My aim is to talk to young people about the greatest man who ever lived. You might have an opinion about who that person was! I am persuaded that it was Jesus Christ. His influence lives on not only in terms of those who personally believe in him as their Saviour but in the way our society operates.

For instance:

Our dating system (2013 AD) starts from the birth of Christ.
Our civil rights are based on his teachings.
Our healthcare system is based on the care of the individual and compassion that Jesus taught.
Our legal system operates on the principles that were established in scripture and made popular by Jesus Christ.

and so on....

I wonder if you realise the effect that this man, the Son of God, has had on our world. In some ways it is not enough. The failure does not lie in the hand of the Lord Jesus Christ but our unwillingness to submit to his authority, to confess our guilt before God and to rest on Christ as Saviour and Lord.

Imagine what society would be like if there was no theft, no anger management required, no embezzling of funds, no greed in business, no abuse, no murder, no broken homes, no addiction! Wow, it would be incredible.

I could introduce you to homes where repentance of sin and faith in Christ has brought about many of these changes.

One day, the bible teaches, Jesus will return and set up a world wide government and he will show the world what it would have been like if things had been done God's way. As a Christian I cannot wait to see these things happen.


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