Monday, September 29, 2014


I was sitting in a shop listening to two shop assistants chat as they sort out the clothes on the display racks.

Eavesdropping is good fun sometimes; especially when it is harmless. You can learn a lot by just listening. I've had just been reading about how upset the FBI and the various security agencies in United States are about the highly secure encryption system of the new iPhone 6. Eavesdropping will be very difficult for them when it comes to these types of phones.

Did you realise that God is always able to eavesdrop on everything that you and I think and say. There is a little verse in the bible which seemed to be seriously scary when I was a child. It is this "Thou God seest me". This verse is found in the Bible, in the book of Genesis chapter 16 verse 13. It is really a statement describing the all seeing eye of God. In the calamities of life when we think the one else notices; God does. It was a relief to the lady in this story in Genesis to understand that God saw her and her circumstances even when she thought everybody had forgotten.

Maybe you find it a relief to know that God notices and understands your circumstances even though others seem to be unaware of them.

It could also be quite a frightening thing to realise that God is aware of everything that is going on in our lives. In a slightly different context it says in the gospel of John (John 2:25) that Jesus did not commit himself unto people because he knew exactly the way men operate and the way they think.

Again there is a passage in the Old Testament that is very very frightening. Frightening in the sense that God knows me inside out and knows everything about me (yet He still loves me - see ROMANS 5:8). David, the Shepherd King writes in Psalm 139 about his awareness of God's knowledge. He actually bares his soul to God and says "search me O God, and know my heart, try me, and know my thoughts". It is a brave man who invites God to analyse the depths of his mind and to determine and understand his thoughts. But David realises that God already knows his heart and he is willing to submit to God's scrutiny.

It is because of God's knowledge and awareness that he planned the scheme of salvation through the death of his own dear Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

Before the world began God had already ordained that his Son would pay the price for sin upon the cross outside Jerusalem.

Christ died for sins, He was buried and on the third day He rose from the dead (1 Cor 15).

It is my privilege is to tell you that through this man, Jesus, is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins. If you turn from your sin, turning to God and confessing that you are guilty he will not turn you away.

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