Sunday, April 05, 2015

Vancouver Easter 2015 040415 (1)

I have been in Vancouver now for two days. I hope that the jet lag will start to wear off today; not that it has restricted me. I have just felt extremely sleepy and lethargic at times. The conference I am speaking at has such potential to bless lives.

Yesterday we heard about the power of the gospel among the gangs of Los Angeles, the call to preach the gospel and the content of what the message of the gospel is. Later in the day we heard about the guaranteed return of Jesus Christ to take the church to heaven. We finished with 60 young people being taught eight ways of witnessing. A great day.

So now we face a new day. How amazing God is! You go to sleep exhausted and wake with energy ready to live another day. Praying for the blessing of God in the conference today. We start at 1030 listening to David Weir explain how the gospel has affected lives in Romania followed by six further speakers. I think I'll be exhausted again tonight but hopefully refreshed in my soul.

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