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Who will you vote for?

The residents of the UK are about to make an important choice. On Thursday the 7th May 2015, millions will place their trust in one individual! Who will you trust? Who do you believe in? Who can honestly guarantee the future for you and your children?

Who can we vote for?

In this General Election the choices are: Conservative, Green, Liberal Democrat, Labour and UKIP. Maybe there are more to choose from in your area.

How long do we have to choose?

There is no debate about this. The date for the elections has been set and a choice will be made on the 7th of May. We know the date, we know the candidates, we can find out about their policies and their character but a choice will be made when the 7th of May arrives.

Vital life choices we will all make!

Other choices in life are also of great importance! Choices in respect of jobs, money, friendships, diet and health can have a significant effect on our lives. Making decisions without thinking through the consequences can be potentially dangerous. You might muddle through some of the time but thoughtful consideration of relevant facts is always the best policy when making serious decisions. This is also the case with spiritual matters!

Many of you will have enjoyed a break over the Easter holiday period. Easter was originally a "holy" day as opposed to just a 'holiday". It started out as a Jewish festival called 'Passover'. For the Jew this was a time of reflection! Passover started thousands of years ago when the Jews were being persecuted in Egypt. God offered them a way of escape from their troubles and the promise of a return to their homeland. They had to decide whether to trust God and do what he said or ignore what he said.

It's the same for us. We all face problems in life including the inherited problem of wrongdoing (sin). Death and the future beyond death is unknown territory to everyone. Christians believe that God has spoken to communicate his message to humankind through the Bible and in the person of Jesus Christ. The core of the Easter message is that "Christ died for our sins" but the essential fact is that history clearly records Jesus Christ "rose again the third day".

Here is the challenge, the thought provoker and the choice!

If the Bible is truth?
If Jesus really lived and died? and
If there actually is life after death and we will all meet, and be judged by, God one day?


We need to take seriously the offer of salvation offered by God through Jesus, we need to look into the facts that the bible presents and we need to take advantage of the offer of peace with God and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

A choice will be made on the 7th of May. It will have consequences for the United Kingdom. The right choice is essential. You need to make another choice today. Your choice regarding Jesus Christ will have eternal and potentially irreversible consequences. In both matters we trust people will choose wisely!

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