Friday, February 17, 2017

Do not lie to God - Acts 5

Daily Bible Reading - Acts 5. 1-11

Key Verse

Acts 5.4 ‘You have not lied to men but to God’

“Liar, liar pants on fire” – maybe you shouldn't say this but I
think you know what it means. Telling the truth can be harder
than telling lies but lies will always catch up with us in the end!

Ananias was a man who lived a long time ago in Jerusalem with
his wife, Sapphira. I don't know if they had been born into a rich
family or had just worked hard and saved their money but I
know that they owned quite a few things. In fact it looks as if
they had more than one house or at least a field or two. Maybe
they kept ponies or had a horse – I don't really know but they had
lots of things.

The things we save up for and buy may be fun to enjoy at the
time but they don’t make us happy forever. This couple had so
much that they thought that they would sell something and give
the money to help the poor Christians. Maybe they thought that
they would look kind and helpful by doing this? I wonder if they
wanted people to like them more! It would be sad if they felt

Having secrets with someone can be fun but not all secrets are
good. This man and his wife had a bad secret. They pretended
that they had given all the money from the sale when they had
only given part of it. There was nothing wrong with only giving
some of the money. It was pretending that they had given more
that was wrong! They wanted people to think that they were
extra good but they were actually bad because they tried to trick

God knows all of our secrets. We might trick everyone else but
we can never trick God. 

Suggested Prayer

Lord, teach me how to tell the truth and to remember that you know the truth even when I say wrong things.

I appreciate you reading this blog post. 

Thanks again, 


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