Monday, February 13, 2017

Saying Goodbye - Acts 1

Acts 1.11 ‘Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven’?

 Sometimes it’s hard to say good-bye to someone. But it’s
especially hard when we really love them. Jesus’ disciples had
seen Him every day for about three years. They had become very
attached to Him.

Just over a month before the worst thing ever had happened.
Jesus had been arrested and then crucified the next morning.
Jesus’ friends thought that this was the end of everything they
had ever dreamt about. Their best friend, the miracle worker,
had been put to death and buried within 24 hours. They hadn’t
even had time to say goodbye.

If all of this wasn't shocking enough; Jesus had come back to
life. They had seen Him, now and again, for 40 days. He had
shared a meal with some of them, others had been out walking
with Him but the best thing of all was – He really was alive!

But now – they had to say goodbye. This time they got the
chance to say it properly. Jesus explained that it wasn’t forever.
He was going home to His Father’s house in heaven. They would
follow Him later, when their lives on earth were over. They
would miss Jesus but He had promised that He would be with
them in a way they really didn’t understand yet! Best of all they
could look forward to seeing Him again. In fact Jesus had
promised that He would come back one day to take them to
heaven. It could have been in their lifetime but wasn’t! It could
be in our lifetime! But the great news is that everyone who has
trusted in Jesus for salvation will see Him when he comes again.

Suggested Prayer - "Lord, help me to trust and live to please you
every day until you come again".

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