Tuesday, August 21, 2018

NC500 Part 6

The penultimate day of our tour started with us having a fantastic breakfast in the Corner Cafe in Wick. The couple who run it know the Christians from the Gospel Hall well. The food was outstanding and we had a great chat. 

From Wick we retraced our steps to the Castle of Mey. This was the late Queen Mother’s holiday home. You’d need to visit it to really appreciate how good it is. Prince Charles visits every August and spends some time in the Castle (it closes to the public while he is in residence). The Prince acts as the local Chieftain of the Highland Games as his much loved Grandmother also did. 

The next stop was Canisbay Kirk. This is an historical Scottish Kirk which the Queen Mother attended when staying in the Castle of Mey. I find gravestones very interesting and this one proved to be no different. The scriptures say ‘it is appointed unto men once to die but after this the judgment’, Hebrews 9. 27. People dies at all stages of life and from all levels of society. There are no exceptions. A walk around a graveyard can be quite sobering. 

We stopped at Lybster Harbour for a quick look. I love taking photographs of boats, harbours and lighthouses. Sorry if you see a lot of them but they always catch my eye. 

The rest of the day was spent driving the Caithness coast down through the coast of Sutherland until we arrived at Dornoch. Restaurants were few and far between but we ended up having a lovely meal in a hotel overlooking the sea, campsite and the links golf course. 

So to bed awaiting our final leg of the NC500 trip. 

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