Friday, August 17, 2018

NC500 Part 3

We left Gairloch around lunchtime with the intention of heading up the west coast to Durness. It was fascinating talking to the locals as I had worked in Gairloch 35 years ago. I have included a picture of the Bank. This is apparently the third bank building in Gairloch though I worked in the second one which was a Swiss Chalet building. 

We stopped at Ullapool for lunch and tasted the wonders of Steak & Haggis pie and Breakfast pie (square sausage, egg, bacon i.e. the works). It was a brilliant treat. 

The remainder of the drive was mainly on one track roads in rain and mist. The weather enhances the Scottish scenery as opposed to ruining it. 

Stage 4 to Wick tomorrow - I’m sure you can’t wait. 

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