Tuesday, August 21, 2018

NC500 Part 7

So this is the final day. We woke early and eventually got up. The showers in the Dornoch Camping Site were not up to scratch but they did the job. Tiles were missing but the water was hot and refreshing. 

A quick visit to the site shop and we were set up for breakfast - cereal, eggs, rolls, tea, coffee etc. We ended up eating under canvass as the gills and crows (and a few pied wagtails)  were overly keen to share our food. 

The tent was cleaned and packed away for the last time. We spent the morning enjoying Dornoch Cathedral, Dornoch Castle and the obligatory stops for coffee and lunch. Then it was into the car to head south. Hamilton being the interim destination with the final stop being Liverpool. It’s been a great trip. Scotland has lived up to its reputation for extreme beauty and excellent hospitality. 

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