Friday, June 10, 2016

Absolute Truth = Absolute Safety! - Ephesians 1:13a

Absolute Truth = Absolute Salvation
Scripture for the Day

In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth,

 the gospel of your salvation

Ephesians 1:13a


Yesterday we talked about the second part of this verse in the Bible. Today we will look at the first part - we really should have done it the other way round! 

Becoming a Christian is basically a matter of trust. Trust in Jesus Christ. Recognising that He is who he claims to be - the Son of God. Taking Him at His word and relying on His power and ability to save! 

So how do you know that you can trust the Lord Jesus? It's an important and relevant question. You are not going to depend on someone if you don't trust them. You only rely on someone to the extent that you trust them. So why should we trust the Lord Jesus. 

The second line in our verse helps us in this respect. It says that new Christians only trusted the Lord Jesus to save them after they heard 'the word of truth'. I wonder what that is talking about?

It is helpful to research the bible to see if the expression is used elsewhere. In John 17 the Lord Jesus is recorded as praying to His Father. He is asking God to make his disciples holy. As he addresses His Father, God Jesus says 'sanctify them (make them holy) through thy truth, thy word is truth'. We learn from this verse that the word of truth = the word of God. 

So people become Christians when they realise that the Lord Jesus is trustworthy and can be depended upon to save them. They discover that this is the case through listening to and considering the word of God. Another verse in the Bible says 'Faith comes by hearing...the word of God'. Yet again we read in a letter to Timothy in the bible that 'the scriptures (the word of God or the word of truth) are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.

The Bible sets out the details of the life of Jesus. History will either confirm this to be true or it will prove it wrong. There is more information about the life of Jesus Christ than any other historical figure. You can read all of the 39 non biblical historians to see if the Bible is telling it as it is or spinning a yarn. I am convinced that the Bible is true. History declared Jesus to be unique and different. His conception, his powers, his perfection of character, his death and his resurrection are all based on historical, eyewitness evidence. 

It is the the truth!

No wonder the final phrase in our verse states that this is the 'gospel of your salvation'. It is good news about the saving grace of God. 

How are you getting on? Are you saved? Have trusted Him yet? Don't leave it too late!

This is the big issue!

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