Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Child Mortality


If you study the gravestones in these pictures and note the ages of the children and infants who died it will sober you up. One died at age two years and five months, another at four years and three months (and they were siblings!). In another family one three year old died on the 1st of January and the older five year old died six days later on the 7th of January and that was after losing an eighteen month old baby of the 20th of May the previous year. 

Oh how privileged we are to have medical services, medicine and treatment, a healthier lifestyle and treatment for our children. How would you cope? Yet many still lose their children in their infancy in other countries. Thank God for your blessings!

The only comfort I find is in scripture. Jesus taught that little ones look upon the face of his Father in heaven, Matthew 18:10 and I believe he confirms the fact that they are automatically in heaven in the next verse (v11) by stating that 'the Son of man is come to save that which was lost'. In other passages when Jesus makes this statement it is said that 'he came to seek and to save that which was lost,' Luke 19:10. The Saviour seeks adults to trust him but he automatically saves children who do not have the ability or power to reject him. 

I for one, am so glad of the grace of God - are you?

More info can be found at www.seekthetruth.org.uk. 


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