Sunday, March 19, 2017

Storm Survival Advice - Acts 27

Scripture Reading

Acts chapter 27

Scripture Verse

‘I believe God that it will be just as it was told me’
Acts 27:25

This part of the story is scary for anyone who does not like sailing. Paul is starting his journey to Rome where he will meet the Roman Emperor. The soldier who is guarding him is called, Julius.  Julius is a nice man. He is kind, thoughtful and polite. He must also have been good at his job. He was part of a group of important soldiers and he was the boss.

It looks like Paul only had one friend with him. He was called Aristarchus. Dr Luke, who wrote the Book of Acts, could have been there as well. It would have been good for Paul if he were as medical help would have been readily available.

Sailing can be dangerous at any time but it is worse when it is winter. They started travelling in October. Most people thought that travelling after September was not a good thing to do so the journey was going to be hard.

After sailing for a bit Paul and his friends were put on another ship. Things then got worse. The boat couldn’t get going. It was going so slowly they wondered if they would ever arrive! The wind roared and the waves smashed against the side of the boat. Sometimes when the front of the boat disappeared under the waves they thought that it would never come back up. Suddenly the wind changed direction, it was now pushing the boat. The boat was going so fast it seemed to be out of control. Finally, things calmed down but the ship hit a sandbank and was wrecked. No one died, they all escaped safely to land.

God had told Paul what was going to happen and Paul had warned the ship captain and the sailors. However they had ignored him. If we ignore what God says we also will end up in deep trouble. It's a simple but important lesson.  

Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him, while He is near - the Bible.

Suggested Prayer

Dear Lord, help me to trust you and to understand what you say in the Bible.


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