Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Acts 17 - Laughed out of court

Scripture Reading

Acts chapter 17

Scripture Text

‘God, who made the world and everything in it’

Acts 17:24

A couple of days ago we visited Cyprus with Paul. Now we are going to visit Athens. Maybe you have been to Athens and have seen what it is like. When I visit somewhere for the first time I like to look around. In fact I like to take a bus tour. I am sure Paul didn’t do this, as they didn’t have buses, but I think he would have walked a lot and looked carefully at everything.
There were many different temples and idols in Athens representing different gods. Paul was shocked when he found one that had this writing – “To the unknown God”. The people in Athens didn't know the only true God and they were scared that they had missed one out. That's how superstitious the were.

While walking around the city Paul visited the Synagogue. This was the place where the Jews met. As Paul was a Jew they would be pleased to see him. While he was there he explained all about Jesus to them.

During the days that Paul was in Athens he got quite upset. The people were clever but confused about God. Everyday he went down to the city centre and talked to people about Jesus. Some people thought that he was crazy. Other people were quite interested in what he had to say.

Athens had the greatest University in the world at the time. Many people came to Athens to talk about clever ideas. One of the important places in the city was called ‘Mars Hill’. In Mars Hill there was a court where some very clever judges met. They invited Paul to come and talk to them about Jesus. Paul finished his talk by telling them that Jesus was alive and was coming back to judge the world. Some of these clever men laughed in Paul’s face. That is often the way that people respond to the the gospel of Jesus Christ. I thank God for His Son, Jesus. I wonder what your response to this message will be?

Suggested Prayer

Dear Father, It is great to know that you made everything and everything is in your control.

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