Friday, March 17, 2017

How do you tell people you are a Christian - Acts 26

Scripture Reading
Acts chapter 26
Scripture Verse
Paul was sent to ‘open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light”

Acts 26:18  

We have learned lots about Paul as we have read the Book of Acts. I have told you about the places he visited. We are going to see three different things happen to him today, tomorrow and the next day.

 Paul was really good at talking to people. He met lots of different people in his life. When he lived in Jerusalem he knew all the really important people in that city. I am sure that as he travelled he came across all sorts of people. The amazing thing to me is that the story he told about Jesus and the truth he shared with people never changed. God loves everyone who comes to Him no matter who they are!

Before this part of the story starts people had tried to get Paul into trouble. He ended up as a prisoner and asked to speak to the Emperor in Rome. He was given permission but had to travel to Rome. Sadly, this meant that Paul was chained by his hands and maybe even on his feet. How do you think he was feeling? You would think that he would be feeling sorry for himself! But no, he is glad that he is suffering like his Saviour, Jesus, did. He really loved Jesus and wanted to live like Him. What an amazing man Paul was! 

On his journey he meets a King! Wow. Would you like that? Maybe! But not the way Paul met him – as a prisoner. You’ll never believe it, maybe you will, knowing Paul, but he spends the time telling King Agrippa all about Jesus. What a brave man! The King is not sure if he likes what he hears but Paul is brave and tells him the truth. We should be brave and speak the truth for Jesus as much as we can.

Suggested Prayer

Dear Father, I would love it if a lot of people came to the light and trusted in the Lord Jesus.


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