Saturday, March 04, 2017

Are you listening to God's voice? - Acts 10

Daily Bible Reading - Acts chapter 10

Acts 10.36 
‘preaching peace through Jesus Christ – He is Lord of all’

Cornelius was a soldier in the Roman army. He was a centurion, which meant he looked after 100 soldiers. They were part of the Italian Regiment based in Caesarea. Lots of soldiers lived in this town. The Romans used this town as their military base.

I wonder what he did in his spare time? Did soldiers get much time off in those days? We know that he had family and friends who also lived in the same town. So he probably spent time with them! He was also a very kind man, as we know that he helped poor people. We also read that he was very interested in God. He prayed a lot and the people who lived in his house were also very respectful to God.

One day something amazing happened to this man. Have a guess, what do you think it was? Ok, I’ll tell you. He had a visit from an angel. Wow, that doesn't happen often! Actually it hardly ever happens so when it does it’s for a special reason. Do you remember – an angel visited Mary, the mother of Jesus? The special reason was to tell her that she would bring Jesus into the world. The angel visited Cornelius for two reasons. Number one - to tell him that his prayers had been heard in heaven and, Number two – to tell him to send a message to Peter, Jesus’ disciple.

Peter had been very puzzled by something he had seen. When Cornelius’ three friends knocked his door he knew what God had been teaching him. He gave the men a bed for the night and the next day set off to see Cornelius. Cornelius was so glad that he had come as he learned that day all about Jesus.   

Suggested Prayer:

Lord, thank you for reminding me that you hear and answer when we pray.

I appreciate you reading this blog post. 


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