Wednesday, March 22, 2017

European Tour Final Stop - Rome - Acts 28

Scripture Passage

Acts chapter 28

Scripture Verse

Acts 28:28 ‘Therefore let it be known to you that the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles’

This the final episode of Paul’s journey to Rome. How will he get there?

At the end of the last blog post on the Book of Acts all the men on the ship escaped to the shore safely. The soon found out that they were on the island of Malta. The local people were really kind. They made a fire to warm them up. It was rainy and they were cold.
Paul was picking up some wood. As he threw the wood onto the fire a snake bit him. Paul shook the snake off into the fire. The people of Malta watched. As they were superstitious they thought he would die from the poison but nothing happened. They watched for a long time and were amazed to see that he had survived.

While Paul was on the island God healed the chief of the island’s father through him. As a result, people queued up to meet Paul. It is recorded that many people were healed. They were all amazed that
God could do these wonderful things. After three months, a ship came along to take them to Rome.

When they arrived in Rome Paul was given a house to stay in but he was put under house arrest. As a result, a soldier was always there to guard him. This worked well as Paul could do what he wanted so long as he stayed in the house.

Paul’s aim was to tell people in Rome about Jesus. After three days, he sent a message to some Jewish friends asking them to come and see him. He arranged for them to come to his house to talk. Paul explained from the Bible about Jesus for a whole day. Some of them agreed with what Paul said but some would not listen. Every time a person hears about Jesus they must decide what they believe.

Paul eventually died in Rome. The Book of Acts doesn't tell us about it but the Bible teaches that every person who has repented of their sins and trusted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour will be in heaven at the end of life.

It all depends on the decision that we make about Jesus Christ in life. I wonder what your choice will be?

Suggested Prayer

Dear God, thank you for sending the Lord Jesus so that everyone can be saved.

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