Friday, June 16, 2017

A call to all Christians - Are you listening?

Listen to what the Lord tells you

Short Reading - Mark 9:1-13                Longer reading - Mark 9:1-29 

Key Verse – Mark 9:7

I find it easy to get carried away with what is happening in my life and to forget to listen to the Lord speaking to me.
You may not believe it but Peter, the apostle, had this problem as well. In today’s passage, he was one of three disciples who had a special experience. The Lord took them up into a mountain and they saw a sight that they would never forget. The Lord described what they saw as seeing ‘the kingdom of God come with power’ (v.1). They saw Jesus visibly changed, His clothes shone brighter than can be described (v.3) and His face ‘shone as the sun’ (Matt 17.2).
Luke tells us that they had gone up the mountain to pray (Luke 9.28) and that as Jesus prayed the changes took place. Peter, James and John had fallen asleep and woke to see the Lord talking to Moses and Elijah. They were discussing the death of the Jesus at Jerusalem (Luke 9.32). The word for death could be translated ‘departure’ or ‘exodus’. Just imagine what Moses could have said about the ‘Exodus’ or what Elijah could have said about his ‘Departure’ but they were talking about the work that the Lord Jesus would accomplish at Jerusalem.
This is when Peter blurted out in his excitement that he wanted to celebrate the Lord Jesus, Moses and Elijah by building a festival tent for each of them. At this stage, the Father intervenes by speaking from heaven and reminding Peter (and the rest of the group) to focus on the Lord and to do what he says (v.7).

Remember – listen to His voice and do what he says.

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