Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I'm great - look at me!

Look at me - I'm the greatest!

Short Reading – Mark 9:30-37    

Longer Reading – Mark 9:30-50

Key Verse – Mark 9:34

The human mind is an amazing thing. I have the ability to listen to someone talking and at the same time to be thinking my own private thoughts which could be a million miles away from what the other person is saying.

In Mark chapter the Lord Jesus was teaching his disciples about his betrayal, death and resurrection on the third day. The disciples did not understand what the Lord meant nor did they want to admit it or to ask him questions. I have noticed that I am a bit like that. My questions and doubts are no different from anyone else’s but I often do not ask the simple questions in case I look silly. Join me in trying to be more honest; it will be better for all of us in the long run.

While the Lord was speaking the disciples were carrying on another discussion in the background. The sad thing was that the Lord Jesus was telling them about his future suffering while they were discussing which one of them was the most important, v 34. 

My first reaction is to be quite critical – imagine me talking about how great they were while the Lord is explaining how He is going to suffer. On reflection I have to admit that often I am so taken up with my life and the things that are going on in it that I fail to appreciate what the Lord suffered for me.

That day the disciples were to learn a lesson that I need to learn. To be first in God’s kingdom I need to be last of all; to be great in God’s eyes I need to be small in my eyes.

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