Monday, June 26, 2017

Tell Tale

Tell them how great things the Lord hath done, Mark 5.19.

When the Lord Jesus arrives in a new life, like Legion’s, or a new area, like Gadara, then change is bound to happen. And when the Lord Jesus makes changes, they are always improvements, though maybe I don’t see things that way! Of course the people of Gadara were much better off without the influence of demons or the uncleanness of pigs. Sadly they didn’t realise this at the time. They wanted the Lord Jesus to leave as quickly as possible!

Only one person was desperate for the Lord Jesus to stay. That was Legion. The Lord had done so much for Him. Once he was a wild man but now he has been tamed by Christ. He used to run around but now he sits at Christ’s feet. He used to be naked but now he wears clean clothes. He used to be crazy but now he is just fine. What an amazing change! He is a new man altogether.

Legion has only spent a few hours with the Lord Jesus, and already he is being left behind. He needs to be Christ’s messenger in his home town, an ambassador for Christ. I have the same job in today’s godless society, no matter how long or short I have been a Christian. I must tell people about the great things that the Lord Jesus has done for me.

So how much do I appreciate what He has done? He has given me a seat in heaven. Check out Eph 2.6. He lets me wear a robe of righteousness. Check out Isa 61.10. He has introduced me to a completely new way of thinking. Check out Phil 2.5. Will my behaviour and my conversation today demonstrate to people around me what wonderful changes Christ can make?


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