Sunday, July 16, 2017

Heart 2 Heart - Mark 7:21

From within, out of the heart of man, proceed evil thoughts … (Mark 7.21)

My heart is a wonderful engine. It pumps 7000 litres of blood a day, beating more than once a second. It should last for 70 years without a service or MOT. But humans are more than machines – I am a spiritual creature made in God’s image. And so I can learn more about my heart in the Bible than in any Biology textbook!

All human hearts are sinful – God makes this clear. He calls them ‘desperately wicked.’ In today’s verses I see how the wickedness inside me spills out. My thoughts, actions and words are all contaminated. The good news is that God gave me a new heart as soon as He saved me. This new heart is purpose-built to know God and to obey His commands. My salvation should shine out as I display the fruit of the Spirit in my life. Check out Gal 5.22-23. Even though the old ‘me’ is still around, it should no longer be the driving force in my life because I have been born again.

My heart is the place where I make decisions. Like Daniel I should decide in my heart to please the Lord. It’s also my emotional centre. As Moses commanded Israel, I should always love the Lord my God with all my heart. Then again, I also believe in my heart. My heartfelt trust should always be given to my God.

Finally, my heart is a home. The Bible says that Christ lives in my heart by faith. If my life is clean and tidy then Christ will feel at home as He lives and rules here through the Holy Spirit. My heart is more than a machine – it’s a mansion for Christ.


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