Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Not Nasty but Nice - Mark 7:27

Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled (Mark 7.27)

At first, it seems like the Lord Jesus is being horrible to this woman. She has a serious problem, so she comes to the Lord Jesus for help. Yet He takes His time and carefully guides her. She understands her need. She expects that He can meet that need. But she must also realise how little she deserves His mercy. At last in desperation this lady begs for His help, knowing she can’t earn it. Then the Lord answers her cry and heals her daughter.
 It’s the same for me! To truly appreciate His greatness, I need to be aware of my own unworthiness. Only then can I understand how kind He is to help me.

I mustn’t be proud of who I am or what I have done. In God’s sight I am less than nothing, and all I have ever done counts for nothing. I knew this when I was saved – I was a guilty sinner deserving hell but he rescued me and promised me heaven, all through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Now I’m saved, I mustn’t get an over-inflated ego. As Paul says to the believers at Corinth, and David to his servants – “What have we got that God didn’t give us?” The obvious answer is – nothing at all!

So today, let me appreciate how little I am, as well as how big God is. Only then can my humility and His highness combine to bring blessing, see Isa 57.15. God the lofty One spends time with lowly people. So pride is out! Any thought of me is out! I must focus on the Son of God and allow everything else, especially myself, to fade into insignificance.

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