Friday, July 14, 2017

Mission Impossible - Mark 6:48

Walking upon the sea (Mark 6.48)

At our children’s Christmas play last year, the angel Gabriel did a rap. Everyone knows/What God says goes/Nothing is impossible/He will do a miracle. This is a fairly accurate paraphrase of Luke 1.37! God is all-powerful, which means He can do anything! And since Jesus of Nazareth is the Son of God, He can do anything too. He was so often disappointed that the disciples failed to believe the impossible.

In Alice in Wonderland, the queen of hearts managed to believe six impossible things before breakfast. Listen! Forget fairy tales for now – my God is the God of the impossible. What issues do I have today that seem too big too handle? God’s big enough for them. For the disciples it was the stormy sea. For me it might be family or friends that aren’t saved yet, bad habits I can’t kick, people that get on my nerves, being brave enough to stand up and witness for Christ. Whatever it is, God can deal with challenges. He prefers me to bring my challenges confidently to Him beforehand, rather than look so surprised at His power afterwards.

Why did the Lord Jesus do impossible things when he was here? Not to impress people, but to help people. He wouldn’t have been walking on the stormy sea unless His followers were in trouble in the boat. He knew their situation perfectly, and He knew they needed His help.

The water-walking Man is back in heaven now. But I’m still down here, and there are plenty of impossible things that need doing. Like the Lord Jesus, I must climb up my prayer mountain to get in touch with God. When I have prayed to Him, I can go out and expect a miracle today!

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