Monday, July 10, 2017

Teens Talk

She was of the age of twelve years, Mark 5. 42.

Twelve is an important age for Jewish children. It marks the time when they officially become young people. Boys celebrate this at their Bar Mitzvah ceremony. The Lord Jesus has always been interested in young people. Jairus’ daughter was about to begin her teens. John the disciple was probably near the end of his teens when he first met the Lord. Most people write off teenagers as awkward immature individuals – but the Lord Jesus sees my value and potential however young or old I am.

Jairus’ daughter’s teenage years were almost lost. Everyone expected the worst till the Lord Jesus came and changed the situation. He can turn mourning into dancing. After Jairus’ daughter met the Lord, her teenage years would be filled with gratitude to Him. So how did it all happen? (1) People begged the Lord Jesus to help her – and people are praying for me! (2) He touched her – and I need His power in my life through the Holy Spirit. (3) He spoke to her – and I must listen to His voice as I read the Bible. (4) He gave her back to her family – and other Christians are my family support network. So stick round other Christians, even if they seem annoying sometimes. Families often are! But I am God’s gift to them, and they are God’s gift to me :-)

I can find out about the Lord Jesus when He was twelve too. Check out Luke 2. 42. That was when the course of His life’s direction became clear to others. He said, “I must be about my Father’s business.” In a similar way this little girl here became dedicated to Him. I should be the same, after all He’s done for me!


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