Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Using what you have for God!

Using what you have for God

Short Reading – Mark 11:1-11  

Longer Reading – Mark 11:1-19

Key Verse – Mark 11:3 ‘The Lord hath need of him’

Imagine that I just bought a new car. It is just the model I dreamed about, the pearlescent metallic paint is looking great, the alloys are really cool and the leather seats are ….well what can I say! I have only one problem. Someone has asked me to take a new family, with their children, mucky feet etc, to an outreach meeting. What should I do?

The passage we are reading today can teach me a lot about how I use the things I own. I do not know how the man came to meet Jesus or if and when he had agreed to give the Lord the use of his donkey and colt. All we know about this man is that his house was at a crossroads, the village was not far from Bethany, the animals were kept outside and the man knew who the Lord was.

The Lord Jesus knew just how the man would behave. He knew that the man would be quick to respond to the request and generous, v 3. He knew that he was responsible and would not let anyone walk away with his property, v 5. He knew that he would lend the animals to him willingly, v 6. I wonder what the Lord Jesus would say about me.

What did the man achieve by giving his animals to the Lord?

1.    He helped fulfil scripture, Matt 21. 4, as the Lord came into  
       Jerusalem as Messiah.
2.    He showed his obedience to the Master.
3.    He used what he had for the Lord.
4.    He hid in the shadows but allowed the Lord Jesus to walk in the limelight.

Searching Questions

Do I use what I have for the Lord Jesus? 

Do I bring the Lord Jesus out into the open or do I promote myself by how I live?   


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