Thursday, November 19, 2015

#Paris - Should we be shocked? The Daily Diary of a Bible Blogger

The situation in Paris has shocked the world. Evil men perpetrating evil crimes in the name of their God and religion. While I feel that Islam is being misrepresented when it is stated that these wicked men represent it I do think that we must not ignore the fact that parts of the Koran do promote violence. The fact is that many Muslims ignore the violent passages and are as grieved as we are at the violence that is done in the name of Islam BUT there are also many who read the passages that encourage violence and feel justified in the world view of aggressive jihad that they espouse. 

If you read the Bible carefully you would not be surprised that the world is in such a mess. The Bible predicts wide-ranging changes in the world some of which we could be witnessing at the present time. Many of the things that we are seeing are among the catalogue of changes that are defined in the Bible which include increased violence, global changes, increased seismic activity, political upheaval, changes in the social and economic fabric of society and a lowering of our levels of self control.

What is the answer? 

The answer is found in a person – the Lord Jesus Christ. 

The word of God teaches that just as he came to Bethlehem 2015 years ago in fulfillment of ancient predictions so he will come again towards the end of this world’s history. Next time he comes the Bible teaches he will come to Jerusalem (check the reference’s in Zechariah 14 and Matthew 24). His first purpose will be to deliver the nation of Israel who by that stage will be surrounded by the armies of the
world. As has been the case for many years Israel’s very existence will be threatened. But Jesus the Messiah will come to deliver them and establish his worldwide empire, which will be administrated from Jerusalem. I think that all would agree that the State of Israel has always been very vulnerable. If the
West and in particular America turns against them and the nations of the Middle East have their way they would find it very hard to survive. Ultimately they will survive, as they are key to world history and the nation through which God intended to and still intends to bless the world – though His Son, Jesus Christ.

Finally. Before all this happens something else needs to take place. Jesus Christ promised before he died for sin on the cross that he would rise from the dead, go back to heaven and, one day, return to take the Christian Church to heaven. If the Bible is true and the words of Jesus can be trusted this must take place. You can read about this in the New Testament in John 14.

Think it through. The Bible and the claims of Christianity will ultimately be either proved true or demonstrated to be false. If they are right (and I suggest all the evidence points to this fact) then time is short and the issues we face as individuals are massive. We need to 'seek the Lord while he may be found'. Tomorrow could be too late. Call it scaremongering if you like but I believe that the issues are real and the solution is fail proof if we come God’s way.

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