Sunday, November 08, 2015

Keep Sunday Special

What a day! Sunday is so special! In biblical terms it's the first day of the week. But in my mind it's not just first in the fact it starts the week but it's first in that it is the best day of the week. 

How did I come to that conclusion?

Well it's because it is the day that Jesus rose from the dead. All the gospels record that Jesus rose on the Sunday following his crucifixion. His sacrifice dealt entirely with sin and Romans 4:25 states that Jesus 'was delivered for our offences, and was raised again for our justification'. The point being made in this verse is that the Lord Jesus took full responsibility for our sins. He bore the curse that our sin had created being made 'a curse for us' and then on the third day he was raised from the dead. The term raised for our justification means that Jesus' resurrection is the final proof that Jesus cancelled the debt of sin on the cross. As a result God offers salvation to all who acknowledge their sin and rest on Christ for salvation. 

The second reason is that Sunday is the day the early church met to 'break bread' and remember Jesus Christ. They didn't meet to mourn his passing but to celebrate his life, death, burial & resurrection. As Christians we worship the Son of God. To quote the words of a hymn - 'we sing the praise of him who died, of him who died upon the cross'.  Christians meet, across the world, on the first day of the week to remember HIM. 

That is what makes this day so special.


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