Saturday, November 07, 2015

Fearsome Friday

Most people like this day of the week the best which is strange seeing they still go to work most Friday's. TGF has become a standard abbreviation to express delight in the fact it's Friday. This just shows that people enjoy the anticipation of events as much as the events themselves. 

How many people plan their holidays months in advance. It's not just about being well organised; it's the anticipation of the time off, the things you'll do, the freedom, the relaxation and so much more. The vacation comes and goes so quickly you could conclude that it's hardly worth the effort; yet the two weeks are just part of the event. 

I'm really looking forward to a very special event in my life. It's not retirement even though officially it's not that far away. It's the day when I see Jesus Christ face to face. The Bible says that one day every eye shall see him. For many seeing Jesus is not something they should be looking forward to. 

Why you might ask? The simple answer is because they will meet him as their Judge. God has appointed Jesus as the "Judge of all the earth", (Genesis 17, John 5, Acts 17).

Why am I excited to see the Lord Jesus Christ? Let me tell you. He's my Saviour, he gave his life for me when he was crucified so many years ago. To quote the Apostle Paul I can say he's "the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me". Can you say this truthfully?

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