Monday, November 09, 2015

Magical Monday

I travelled from Liverpool to Lossiemouth in the North of Scotland today. It wasn't actually that direct. I left Liverpool at 0635 and a result of a massive traffic jam arrived in Manchester Airport at 0850 which was too late for my flight. 

The next leg of the journey was Manchester Airport to Manchester Piccadilly by train. I caught the 1016 Manchester to Edinburgh train and after a bit of searching found a seat. I enjoyed the rest of the journey reading, working and relaxing from time to time. It was just good to sit still for a while having been in Pamber Heath, Swinton and Chorley for preaching engagements over the weekend. 

I arrived in Aviemore (after a change in Edinburgh) and was driven to Lossiemouth in time for a delicious tea of mince & tatties (spuds to the uninitiated).

My first preaching engagement was at 1930. It was lovely to be with the believers in James Street Gospel Hall and to consider ten of the characteristics of God. 

1. He is eternal
2. He is sovereign
3. He is righteous
4. He is just
5. He is love
6. He is omnipresent
7. He is omniscient
8. He is omnipotent 
9. He is truth or verity
10. He is unchanging or immutable. 

This is the God I serve. He is more than all these qualities (he is kind, gracious, merciful, patient etc) and he is a Saviour God, Isaiah 45:21. 

Jesus said 'this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent,' John 17:3. 

Do you know him?

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