Sunday, November 22, 2015

How do you know that #Jesus actually existed? - Sunday - The Daily Diary of a Bible Blogger

Of course the New Testament, which has proven to be a reliable historical record, attests to His life. 

On top of that, there are more than thirty sources outside of the Bible that attest to more than a hundred facts regarding Jesus’ life, teachings, crucifixion, and resurrection. 

Take, for example, Flavius Josephus, a first century historian. He affirms, not only that Jesus lived, but that He was “a doer of amazing deeds,” that “Pilate condemned Him to be crucified to die,” that He was a teacher who “won over many Jews and many of the Greeks” and that He was reportedly seen alive by His disciples after His crucifixion. 

A second extra-biblical source would be the Babylonian Talmud. This collection of ancient Jewish writings mentions Jesus, even saying that He was killed on the eve of Passover, just as the Biblical account describes. 

Other sources include the Roman historian Tacitus, the Didache, Pliny the Younger, Suetonius, the Gnostic gospels (e.g., the gospel of Thomas), etc. 

The Encyclopedia Britannica, fifteenth edition, devotes 20,000 words to the person of Jesus Christ and never once hints that He didn’t exist. 

The evidence is certain. Jesus of Nazareth was a real person.

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blogspot.3 said...

I had a "near death experience", when I was 7 years old. I went into a coma, and When I woke from the coma He was standing at the end of my bed. He told me to rest now, because I will make a difference in the future. I still close my eyes when in a situation that makes me uncomfortable and reach out my hand and feel Him take my hand and feel at peace. He is alive!

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