Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good Monday - The Blogger's Daily Diary

Today was a free day for me. Hurrah, how good to have a day when you don't have to do emails, phone calls, meetings and the like. Not that I don't enjoy my work, I enjoy it very much, but sometimes you just need to clear your head.

What have I been up to today? Well I got out into the garden and did the pre winter clear out. We filled our 'green bin' until it was full and overflowing and jumped on the contents three times to make sure we got everything in. It's very satisfying to get a job finished. Especially when you are satisfied with it. 

The Bible says that when God was making the world he looked at what he had made on Days 1,3,4,5 & 6 and announced that 'it was good'. On Day 6, when reviewing the whole of creation, God states 'it was very good'. God was satisfied with what he had made. I don't think God is satisfied when he looks at the world today. For sin came into the world and along with sin, death (Romans 5:12). This has devastated God's creation and damaged the human race with eternal consequences.  

Some people have puzzled over why God didn't say that Day 2 of creation was good. I wonder if it was because on that day he created a firmament that divided water surrounding the earth from water at the centre of the earth. This would be used to flood the world in the days of Noah (Genesis 6-9). I take it that God did not like the coming judgment despite the fact that mankind deserved God's judgment. Therefore God didn't say that Day 2 was good. 

God loves you. He would be within his rights to condemn you for your sin. He will condemn you to eternal judgment (John 5:24 & 28) if you refuse His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ as our Saviour. 

For more information about this vital subject please contact me via Seek the Truth Bible Media (www.seekthetruth.org.uk). 


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