Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Blogger's Daily Diary - Thursday

So it's Thursday. 

How has your day been? Good, bad or nothing much happened. 

I had a good morning and cleared up a lot of Internet and radio work. I love doing this as it gives me the opportunity to share the wonderful news of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Today was 'video recording day'. I did a piece on Adam and God. It is part of a series called 'Meet & Greet' where I am talking about different people and their encounters in the Bible. 

I had already recorded one called 'Meet & Greet - The first man to meet God', but this one was entitled 'Meet & Greet - Adam meets God - Troubles' a brewing'. It about the reaction of God to Adam's sin and Adam's reaction when he realises that God is in garden calling out for him. 

You know what it feels like when you have done something wrong! You feel guilty, apprehensive and unsure of quite what the consequences will be. Adam felt like that but he should have known as God had warned him that the day he ate of the forbidden fruit he would die. No surprises; God had spelled it out. Walk my way you live, disobey and it will cause you to face death. 

Things haven't really changed!

The wages of sin is still death but thank God, as a result of the death and resurrection of Jesus, the gift of God is external life through Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Be warned and be saved - it's the only way. 


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