Monday, November 30, 2015

#Relief - Monday - The Daily Diary of a Bible Blogger

There are times in life when you think something is going to happen and you prepare yourself for it. It was a bit like that today for me. I really don't want to go into the details as it's far too personal and family related but I felt exactly like that earlier today. I had prepared my heart for bad news. I had prayed and asked the Lord to help me to have the right attitude, to behave in the right way and to see things from His point of view.

Having done all that it was such a relief to find out that the news wasn't bad after all. But the Lord had taughg me another lesson in the process!

Sometimes in life we have to learn lessons and some of those lessons can only be learned in the difficult times. Easy circumstances don't often teach important lessons.

It is even said about the Lord Jesus Christ that he learned obedience by the things which He suffered, Hebrews 5:8. This verse is not teaching for a moment that the Lord Jesus was ever disobedient. The Bible makes it very clear that the Lord Jesus Christ was in no way disobedient or sinful. He did not have the capacity to behave in that way being the Son of God. The verse is in fact teaching that the Lord Jesus had an experience on earth that could not have had when he was in heaven. As the eternal Son of the living God he had never been in a position where he needed to be obedient. Angels served him, he created the world, he upheld all things by his powerful word and he was in a position of ultimate authority. But having chosen to become a man he lived a humble life submitting to his Father's will (i.e. God's will) and doing those things which pleased His Father. His obedience took him to the very point of death, Philippians chapter 2, and as a result he laid down his life to pay the price for sin. He provided forgiveness and salvation for those who are prepared to repent of their sins and trust him for salvation. 

I'm just wondering if you are prepared to take seriously your sinful condition. Do you recognise that Christ died for your sins. Will you repent (to turn from your sin) and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, in other words trust Him to save and rescue you?

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